The Poole Yacht Club - GP14 Open Meeting
Sunday 16th August 2015

Pictures by Mike Millard & Den Valentine

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Class Captain
Chris Hawkes

Committee Boat


The forecast of 3 mph winds gusting 2 mph may have put a few off but the race officer felt that light sea breezes would fill so the event went ahead with 16 entries after a delay

Emily Deary and Joe Cross - Poole Y.C.

Race 1.
After many adjustments to the olympic course to accommodate the fickle easterly, the fleet got away and at one time looked good.
Unfortunately the easterly finally died away to nothing as a trickle of sea breeze from the opposite direction cancelled it out and after some backwards sailing in the tide it was abandoned.
This was enough for 5 boats who decided to call it a day and head for home.

Jo and Tim Edom - Poole Y.C.

Sarah O'Neil & Russell Wheeler - Poole

Race 2.
To his credit, the Race Officer stuck with it and after turning the course on it's head with some further tinkering the new sea breeze arrived although still light and patchy.
Andrew Clewer and Mark Taylor from Poole finished 1st with James Ward and Richard Whitehill from Papercourt S.C. in 2nd.
Steve Thompson and Libby Courage from Poole took 3rd spot.

Andrew Clewer & Mark Taylor
The Winning Team - Poole Y.C.

Race 3
Another quick shuffle of the course but the fleet were soon away in slightly windier conditions.
Joe cross and Emily Deary crossed in 1st but their previous result of 8th put them out of the reckoning.
A 2nd place this time for Andrew and Mark but good enough to come out winners of the event.
Another finish of 3rd for Steve and Libby secured 3rd place in the event but another good result of 4th for James and Richard put them 2nd overall.

James Ward & Richard Whitehill - Papercourt S.C

Janet & Roy Nettleship
Nottingham S.C.

PYC Rear Commodore Sailing
Tim Edom with James Ward
2nd overall - Gold Fleet

The winning helm
Andrew Clewer
Poole Y.C.

Sarah O'Neil & Russell Wheeler - Poole Y.C.
Silver Fleet Winners

Caro Mitchell & Rickardo Charcon - Welsh Harp S.C.

Tea and Prizegiving finished off the event and roll on next year but  -------  MORE WIND PLEASE !!

  More Sunday Photos on line by Mike Millard

Pictured Left - The Race Officer Tim Smith and
Right - Peter Hewitt.

2015  Open Meeting Winners
Pictured Left to Right
Class Captain Chris Hawkes - Mark Taylor (crew)
Tim Edom (PYC) - Andrew Clewer (helm)

Libby Courage and Steve Thompson
3rd overall - Gold Fleet