The Piplers of Poole GP14 Open Meeting - Sunday 31st July 2011
Report by Den Valentine  -  Pictures by Mike Millard

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For the day of the Open Meeting, with courses of laid marks in the top triangle just outside the club and a favourable weather forecast gave perfect conditions which certainly didn't disappoint. Warm and sunny all day with an ESE averaging force 4 with manageable gusts offered some good planing on the reaches of the well set up olympic course.
A good entry from boats from Poole, BTYC and Seahorse S.C. (on the Welsh Harp)  plus Roy Nettleship from Nottingham made up the 22 starters for the first race which got away on time with a clean start.

The full course, consisting of two triangles and two sausages lasted 75 minutes for the leaders with the top three positions going to local boats from the host club.

Andy Macgregor and Gary Whitehead from Poole,
holding off two Seahorse boats

Roy Nettleship and Sabine Schamberg from Nottingham

Race 1
1st -
Mike Williams & Mark Taylor (PYC)
2nd -
Andy Macgregor & Gary Whitehead (PYC)
- James Stafford & Adam Deary (PYC)

David Goodliffe and Jayne Lord
Poole Y.C.

After a good break for lunch, the next two races, scheduled back to back, got underway with Race 2 again on time and another clean start using a slightly smaller course.

Again the full four laps was sailed with the first two boats finishing in the reverse order of the previous race, leaving the event open. Earning third place was Ben Kaplan & Roberto Serra from Seahorse S.C.

Andy Wadsworth and
 Andy Shrimpton - BTYC

Race 2
1st -
Andy Macgregor & Gary Whitehead (PYC)
2nd -
Mike Williams & Mark Taylor (PYC)
- Ben Kaplan & Roberto Serra (Seahorse)

Liz Stewart and Vanessa Hughes - Emsworth S.C.

Race 3 promptly started with all boats clean away with the fleet once again completing the full course.

Mike Williams and Mark Taylor (Poole Y.C.) secured their position as the final winner of the event with another first place ahead of Richard Lord and Penny Abbott from Seahorse S.C. with third spot occupied by Andy Macgregor and Gary Whitehead (Poole Y.C.)

Will Deary and
Suzie Taylor - Poole

Race 3
1st -
Mike Williams & Mark Taylor (PYC)
- Richard Lord & Penny Abbott (Seahorse)
3rd -
Andy Macgregor & Gary Whitehead (PYC)

As usual, tea and cakes on the patio before the prize-giving with some thanks and applause for the Race Officer, Bill Frewing and the Dayboat fleet for their contribution into making it such a good event.
Thanks also came from Richard Lord (Seahorse S.C) representing the visitors as he collected the overall prize for the best result from all races sailed over the weekend.
Roll on next year !

Pictured - The Winners
Mike Williams and
Mark Taylor - Poole Y.C.

Final results :
1st - 2 points - Mike Williams and Mark Taylor (Poole Y.C.)
2nd - 3 points - Andy MacGregor and Gary Whitehead (Poole Y.C.)
3rd - 6 points - Richard Lord and Penny Abbott (Seahorse S.C.)
4th - 8 points - James Stafford and Adam Deary (Poole Y.C.)
5th - 8 points - Ben Kaplan and Roberto Serra (Seahorse S.C.)

1st -Mike Williams & Mark Taylor
from Poole Yacht Club with Celia

2nd - Andy Macgregor & Gary Whitehead
from Poole Yacht Club with Celia

3rd - Penny Abbot & Richard Lord
from Seahorse S.C. with Celia